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April 24, 2012

A strawberry dream.

I had a strawberry shortcake for my birthday, for my pre-wedding shoot, my wedding, my baby’s first month celebration and it was there when I just felt like having cake. There is something special about this cake; it makes me smile and believe that dreams do come true. I call it my strawberry dream; the strawberry shortcake. The best in my opinion; comes from Four Leaves Bakery. It is such a pretty cake.

I made it my goal to bake a successful strawberry shortcake this year. I googled for recipes and found many! I read through the steps of all of them and finally decided on the recipe for my maiden attempt. I could hardly hold my breath while waiting for the sponge cake to come out from the oven; praying hard that it will rise nicely and evenly and for it not to deflate!

The recipe called for 30-35 minutes of baking time; knowing my oven, I halved the time and the cake was ready by 15 minutes! You could imagine my excitement when the cake came out perfectly! I was not prepared for the cake to be a success at take one!

The obstacle I had was with the whipped cream. I read about adding gelatin to the whipped cream for a more stabilized whipped cream frosting; the recipe called for 1 teaspoon of gelatin with 4 teaspoon of cold water and to let it come to cool to room temperature. I took the opportunity to run to the supermarket to get strawberries; (yes I was unprepared). I did not pay too much attention to the gelatin; and it became a jelly like form! Despite my alarm bells ringing in my head, I added that to my whipped cream…

Alas; the gelatin was lumpy and the whipped cream was filled with lumpy gelatin. I had to make a second batch of it. The next issue; I feared over whipping of my cream. And kept stopping the mixer to check on the stiffness of the cream. In the end; before i got it to stiff peaks, the impatient me took it out and frosted the cake!!!

A giant mistake. The cream was too soft for frosting! Note to self; stiff peaks please. Would need to get clear vanilla extract too; the brown color of the extract created too much of a cream color to the frosting.

Despite all of these; I could not wait for Jerome to get back before cutting the cake for a taste! My very own strawberry shortcake… I loved every bit of it. Perhaps I was biased; but it was like a strawberry dream come true.

Do hope my next attempt will yield me a better frosted cake!!