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May 19, 2012

A Macaron Attempt!

It looked simple enough; just a couple of steps as stated in the recipe. I could do it? And I had the equipment and ingredients for it!

My dear husband bought me a macarons cookbook and a macaron silicon mat. Thus, it prompted me to buy ground almonds and the food flavorings for my maiden attempt at the well known – Macarons.

Alas; little did I know the complications of the “simple” steps (pun fully intended) was to throw me into an abyss of desperation.

The first batch yield a lumpy batter! I piped it still and realized that it could crust up and I tried baking it! It turned out yummy but ugly. In fact; the husband finished all of it as a snack and I could not get a picture taken.

Tried a second one with a different recipe and this time round; I tried to fly before I could walk. Wanted to try out a chocolate macaron! Big mistake. Added the cocoa a little too early and the eggs could not whip up no matter what! A big waste of my egg whites and cocoa powder.

And finally the third attempt.. Stuck to the basics, and crossed my fingers. Everything looked promising, the batter was smooth and the colour was brilliant!

But three hours later; it still did not crust up! I have no idea why. Sigh still went ahead to bake the macarons and these were the results… No feet; I should have tapped them earlier than later..

Still went ahead to fill them with the whipped cream frosting I had left over in the fridge and some chocolate ganache. Left in the fridge and surprisingly they tasted quite good the next day! Well not too bad for a first try!

Anyhow. Pending for more hopefully successful attempts!