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May 7, 2012

Wilton Cake Decorating Class 2

Today I attended the second lesson for my cake decorating course! It was a challenge! It required a fully frosted cake!! It was sincerely a challenge to take care of a baby and frost a cake at the same time! Thank God for mothers, sisters and husbands! Everyone chipped in to help take care of Sarah and sift icing sugar and ensuring that I have the time to frost my cake all ready for today!

Decided to frost my cake pink and to do a purple base liner for my “cupcake design” the purple took us ages to get the colour right..

It was really fun at class! I piped elongated shapes and did curves and zigzag lines. Wow a repertoire on hand already! Wah hahah!

And finally my cake design! A classic looking pearly cupcake design! Love!

All that hard work is worth it.






May 4, 2012

My first fully frosted cake


In preparation for class next Monday; I baked a butter cake and decided to frost it for a friend’s birthday! I think either I am getting old or the pregnancy has rid me some of my brain cells; I could not quite recall what the teacher taught in class abut the frosting! The saving grace was Wilton’s instructional textbook and I whipped up their buttercream recipe successfully!

My coating for the cake was still uneven and I got some crumbs stuck still even on the third coat. And the worst thing was… I forgot to level my cake; so my cake has an uneven center. How absent minded!

Mistakes aplenty! After frosting the rose tip drops for the base and the cherry base drops; I impatiently placed the cherries on the cake and the cherry was not dry enough; it dripped pink syrup over the cake!! Good thing it was only 2 cherries! So I could save the good side for the photo taking!

And I am so happy darling bought me a new toy!!! A turntable for my decorating needs!!!! I had to frost the cake without the turntable so when he came home with one the next day; I was ecstatic! I could use a proper turntable for my cake for class!





I filled the cakes with nutella; but realized that I filled it like I was spreading bread with it for breakfast. I should have dropped dollops of it for more taste and a higher cake!


May 3, 2012

In search for a simple butter cake

In short, I have baked 2 different butter cakes. And Mr Picky Taste Buds is still picking on texture and flavor. So the search went on! Had this recipe bookmarked quite some time ago; so off I went ahead again! This time round, the recipe is simple but requires more effort of sifting and folding!

At the back of my mind; there was a nagging feeling in me to fill the pan with only 3/4 of the batter.. Always under fill the batter when trying a new recipe! I trusted my impatient self and poured the entire batch into an 8inch round pan! Big mistake; the cake took 40mins to cook and the top and sides were over cooked! and of course the top of the cake erupted..

The saving grace was that the brown crumbs were actually delicious so the cake did not go to waste! Instead; it disappeared by the end of the day!

Verdict: Mr Picky Taste Buds liked it! And now in the oven just as I am typing this post; another one is being baked but this time in addition – I added silver bird’s mixed fruits to the batter for a butter fruit cake! Let’s see how that turns out!!!


May 1, 2012

Wilton Cake Decorating Class – Lesson 1

Finally! After a long wait, I decided on a course and went ahead for it. It is a four session course; once a week from 9-11:30am at the lovely Bake-it-yourself store! Always loved their shop for all the pretty baking things I could buy there! So early yesterday morning, I traveled down for my lesson one!

Understood a lot more on the tips to getting the frostings to work better on different designs I would want to make. And how to ice a cake!!!

I might sincerely like taking baking further. Anyhow; first lesson is on making buttercream icing and controlling a decorating tip. Using the rose tip; I did these on the Marie cookies!




Next week it will be on an actual cake! I’m really excited!!