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May 7, 2012

A Berry Shortcake


Late night feedings for Sarah has allowed me to catch up on some TV time and happened to catch River Cottages on The Travel & Living Channel! It just makes me want to live in such quaint and serene countrysides! They picked their own fruits and herbs for their cooking and baking right from their own garden! Isnt that amazing?

Anyhow; the chef was preparing a dessert for a party and he had a bowl full of raspberries! He whipped up some cream and had a simple cake baked! Viola! Cake dolloped with the whipping cream and filled thoroughly with raspberries and topped off lastly with icing sugar! It was like a raspberry winter wonderland!

I knew Jerome would literally be drooling over the television for that cake! And so; we decided to make a berry shortcake! He went out to the supermarket and got us some blackberries, blueberries and raspberries! We were short of having strawberries to make it a full berry party! I baked a butter cake and used the stabilized whipped cream frosting recipe for our topping and started to decorate the berry shortcake and with a final touch of some fairy dust; we created our own berry-licious winter wonderland!

Delicious was all I can say; the buttery cake with the creamy whipped cream ending with a slight burst of flavors from biting into the berries!




April 13, 2012

An afternoon tea @ One Fine Home

Oh happy day! Oh happy day sings me.

Afternoon tea is always my cup of tea. We had guests over today and had a special request by Becky for scones for she had in her basket some Crabtree & Evelyn’s tea and jams! Scones would be perfect with them! This is my favorite go to recipe for scones from Annie Eats! It is simple and oh so delicious! Also in anticipation of JT’s birthday in late April; I decided to frost my butter cake with chocolate frosting and some Korean strawberries!

So afternoon tea today at one fine home was filled with strawberries, scones with jam, chocolate butter cream cake and earl grey tea with honey.

I miss the whiff of buttery scones coming through for oh so long! The jams that Becky brought along were Crabtree & Evelyn’s Organic Raspberry jam, Organic strawberry jam and organic orange marmalade! I loved the raspberry jam; i never had a thing with jams – they were the husband’s favorite! But these were lovely with the scones. My mouth is still watering from the thought of them scones. We baked 24 of them among 5 of us and it disappeared as soon as the photo taking was out of the way.

I truly enjoyed the company today!


April 11, 2012

Hello world!

Sarah; our bundle of joy finally arrived.


Today marks the 47th day since she has “set foot” on this earth. Being a mother changes perspectives, habits, lifestyle and objectives.

She arrived 4 weeks earlier than expected and had to be in the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit for 5 days for her pre-mature lungs. Each day we prayed hard for her pediatrician to return with a good report so that she can be able to come home with us. You can imagine how elated we were when she could finally breathe normally on her own and say Hello to our fine home that we had prepared for her.

After the whole hustle and bustle of confinement; i looked forward to the party that we were going to have for Sarah’s full month not only for the dessert bar that we were preparing but for the fact that i could finally relish in other foods other than ginger kai lan, ginger pork, and ginger everything else.

So one could possibly guess how much effort was placed on the dessert bar! I had everything from swiss rolls to eclairs, butter cookies, strawberry shortcake from my all time favorite Four Leaves, fruit cakes, and marshmallows! I even adorned the all easy chocolate tart!!! We called it; An Afternoon Tea with Sarah.


In spite of all the lethargy from the sleepless nights and the mundane expressing of milk; my mind wandered and got excited. 9 more weeks before i return to work; i had better get some things going on.

Thus i am back to my kitchen at one fine home! After being unable to bake with my big tummy and my constant need for sleep while being pregnant for 9 months; i missed the smell of chocolate cake baking away in my oven!

Thus Hello once again to my stories henceforth of baking and perhaps some cooking in our one fine home.

Till then.

Baby’s crying.