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July 31, 2016

River Safari 

Sarah told me the night before that her most fav place in the world is the zoo, she loves going there. 

I can only imagine her excitement this morning when we told her we will be going to the River Safari. 

It seems she is really excited. She started telling her friends all about it during piano. 

Happy that we can do things that make her so happy! 

Off we went to the River Safari with her Godparents and Baby Kay! 

July 27, 2016

Mama I love you 

Sophia shows her affections in so many ways. Her excitement whenever I walk through the door in the evenings, her hugs when you ask for it, her requests to be carried and so much more. 

We have been telling her I love you all this time and she knows whenever I say “Mama love you so?” She would reply “much!!” 

But today randomly whilst Sarah, Sophia and me were playing on the sofa. Sophia leaned towards me and said “I love you mama”. 

And then as if she had said the most common thing like “The food was yummy” or something, she continued playing with her Elmo and Mickey. 

It was the first time Sophia had expressed herself voluntarily. And it meant the world to me, that whilst the girls are growing up, they love their mummy too. 

July 27, 2016

The beauty of two. 

Sophia woke up to the sounds of Sarah chattering away during her breakfast. And from her room we hear Sophia: “JIE JIE! JIE JIE!!!” Louder than I hear her screaming mama. 

Sarah jumped up from whatever she was doing and rushed to open the door to Sophia’s room. 

From where I was sitting, I could see the look on Sophia’s face when the door opened. Immediately Sophia exclaimed; “Jie Jie! I wake up already!” Hilarious. It was just a moment of bliss to see the two of them being so close. How the younger one is so excited to see her sister. 

July 17, 2016

Sleep, impressions and love. 

It’s been two nights in a row now. Sophia and her night time chats. She would talk about the things that left a deep impression on her for the day or the week or the month. 

Cos she has been talking abut Godpa and Baby Kayleigh when we were at Sentosa (that was weeks ago) and talking about Daddy’s goats (month ago) and then today she talked about the doctor who gave her a sweet again (two days ago). 

And today we brought the girls out on a swim again. Daddy found her a green leaf that was floating around the pool and she held on to it like it was the dearest treasure. 

When she came back up from the swim, she told joy all about “the leaf”. 

“I take a leaf!” 

So the night time chat tonight centered around the leaf. 

“Mama, i take a leaf!” And “I went swimming!” She literally shouted it to my face. That’s how excited she is. 

So she repeated this and the other stories to me and I got tired. So I laid her down on her cot. She continued talking a little, kicking her feet around a little and eventually stilled herself asleep. 

Second night running. The night before she was talking so much, I just laid her down to bed and she feel asleep immediately. 

Is this going to be the time? 

Where she learns to sleep on her own! 

I pray so. 

And then now at 2am, her daddy wakes me up. We have a diaper leak. 

This time, it was all over. Clothes had to be changed. Bedsheets too. So I carried her and changed her. She was sleepy. But she still managed to look up and say “hi mama.” 

Then she refused to go into her cot. She wanted to go into our room. So we laid her there whilst she drinks her milk. And after she was done, she just rolled over next to me, cuddled right next to me and was all ready to sleep. 

I was taken aback, I was prepared for a long “carrying session” to make her fall back to sleep again after all that commotion. 

But she snuggled right next to me, whispered “hi mama” again and fell right back to sleep. 

I laid there right next to her, falling off the edge of the bed. But for that moment thanked God for these two dear little lives. 

They hold us so dear. And I pray that we will have a longtime to spend together.