Wilton Cake Decorating Class 2

Today I attended the second lesson for my cake decorating course! It was a challenge! It required a fully frosted cake!! It was sincerely a challenge to take care of a baby and frost a cake at the same time! Thank God for mothers, sisters and husbands! Everyone chipped in to help take care of Sarah and sift icing sugar and ensuring that I have the time to frost my cake all ready for today!

Decided to frost my cake pink and to do a purple base liner for my “cupcake design” the purple took us ages to get the colour right..

It was really fun at class! I piped elongated shapes and did curves and zigzag lines. Wow a repertoire on hand already! Wah hahah!

And finally my cake design! A classic looking pearly cupcake design! Love!

All that hard work is worth it.







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