My first fully frosted cake


In preparation for class next Monday; I baked a butter cake and decided to frost it for a friend’s birthday! I think either I am getting old or the pregnancy has rid me some of my brain cells; I could not quite recall what the teacher taught in class abut the frosting! The saving grace was Wilton’s instructional textbook and I whipped up their buttercream recipe successfully!

My coating for the cake was still uneven and I got some crumbs stuck still even on the third coat. And the worst thing was… I forgot to level my cake; so my cake has an uneven center. How absent minded!

Mistakes aplenty! After frosting the rose tip drops for the base and the cherry base drops; I impatiently placed the cherries on the cake and the cherry was not dry enough; it dripped pink syrup over the cake!! Good thing it was only 2 cherries! So I could save the good side for the photo taking!

And I am so happy darling bought me a new toy!!! A turntable for my decorating needs!!!! I had to frost the cake without the turntable so when he came home with one the next day; I was ecstatic! I could use a proper turntable for my cake for class!





I filled the cakes with nutella; but realized that I filled it like I was spreading bread with it for breakfast. I should have dropped dollops of it for more taste and a higher cake!



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