Eat me.

My sister and I have been hooked to this new drama online: The Fondant Garden! From the name of the drama; one can tell why I chose it in the first place! So in one of the episodes; the oven broke down and they had to think of innovative ways to make cake! And they made a biscuit cake! Wow! We just had to try it! So I went ahead to get us some Marie biscuits and the rest of the ingredients are staples at one fine home!

And they turned out to be absolutely adorable! Just like mini cakes! And they taste lovely too! Perhaps a little dry for texture but still all too lovely!


A box of Marie biscuits (or any plain biscuits for that matter)
1/2 cup of milk
200 grams of Chocolate drops for melting


Place a piece of biscuit as the base of the “cake” and pour a tablespoon of milk on it. Allowing the milk to seep into the biscuit before placing the next biscuit on top! Repeat this for the next 6 pieces of biscuits. For some variation; we tried adding peanut butter in between the layers!

After finishing up all the biscuit towers. Melt the chocolate drops and then drip. The melted chocolate over the biscuits to coat.

Decorate as you like and viola! A mini cake that screams; “EAT ME!”.







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