Hello world!

Sarah; our bundle of joy finally arrived.


Today marks the 47th day since she has “set foot” on this earth. Being a mother changes perspectives, habits, lifestyle and objectives.

She arrived 4 weeks earlier than expected and had to be in the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit for 5 days for her pre-mature lungs. Each day we prayed hard for her pediatrician to return with a good report so that she can be able to come home with us. You can imagine how elated we were when she could finally breathe normally on her own and say Hello to our fine home that we had prepared for her.

After the whole hustle and bustle of confinement; i looked forward to the party that we were going to have for Sarah’s full month not only for the dessert bar that we were preparing but for the fact that i could finally relish in other foods other than ginger kai lan, ginger pork, and ginger everything else.

So one could possibly guess how much effort was placed on the dessert bar! I had everything from swiss rolls to eclairs, butter cookies, strawberry shortcake from my all time favorite Four Leaves, fruit cakes, and marshmallows! I even adorned the all easy chocolate tart!!! We called it; An Afternoon Tea with Sarah.


In spite of all the lethargy from the sleepless nights and the mundane expressing of milk; my mind wandered and got excited. 9 more weeks before i return to work; i had better get some things going on.

Thus i am back to my kitchen at one fine home! After being unable to bake with my big tummy and my constant need for sleep while being pregnant for 9 months; i missed the smell of chocolate cake baking away in my oven!

Thus Hello once again to my stories henceforth of baking and perhaps some cooking in our one fine home.

Till then.

Baby’s crying.




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