Mini Chocolate Tarts

In my attempt of finding simple recipes during my pregnancy days; i found that I could settle for ready made tart crusts! And so it happened while I was shopping at TOTT, i saw these really delicious looking mini tart shells at The Torque! I have a love for everything mini!

I think it was $17 for 54pieces in a tray! Anyhow they were so lovely, i had to buy them first and then find a recipe somewhere for what I could do with it.

A chocolate tart perhaps said the husband; my always supportive fan of my bakes. So on a fair occasion that my cousins were coming over; I decided to get a ganache type tart filling! We had raspberries from our grocery shopping that day; and it looked fabulous atop the mini tart!



However, turns out the chocolate tarts were a big hit but not the raspberries! Oh well it looked great so no one’s complaining! Accompanied those lovelies with the all famous mini strawberry swiss rolls from amosco! You really cant stop at one!


The recipe for the chocolate ganache will fill 4 trays of mini tart shells!

Kept the leftovers in the fridge but felt the crust was not as delicious as it was after. So best to consume quickly once chilled.

Chocolate Tart Filling:

170 grams dark chocolate drops (I use dark chocolate from bakeway sold at Phoon Huat)
1 cup heavy cream

Warm cream in a stainless steel bowl using a double boiler method. Place the bowl over a pot of boiling water for the steam to heat the base of your bowl. Constantly stir the cream to ensure it does not boil. The cream is ready once it is hot to the touch! Be sure to keep all water away from the chocolate or it can seize and will be ruined.

Place the chocolate in a heat proof bowl. Pour the hot cream into the bowl and let stand for approximately 1 minute for the chocolate to start melting.

Start stirring the chocolate from the middle outwards, stir till the chocolate is completely melted and combined with the cream. Pour chocolate into the mini tart shells with a teaspoon.

Remove from the heat, add the chocolate and gently stir to melt and completely combine. Careful, if you stir too quickly your chocolate will form bubbles..

Leave tart to cool for ten minutes before placing it into the refrigerator until completely firm.


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